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January moves and rumors, the Villarreal edition

As our internationals return after a productive break, it’s getting ever closer to January which can mean only one thing!!! No, not’s the opening of the transfer window!

And news that at least two of the three forgotten Villarreal players this fall would like a chance of scenery. Manu Morlanes is likely to go on loan somewhere, and there is apparently no lack of interest.

Leo Suárez (through his agent) has told Villarreal he would like to move on, as well. Loaning him to a Segunda side probably isn’t on the cards; more likely, we’ll try to negotiate a sale with a buyback option. Leo has had lots of injuries during his Villarreal time (and he had to wait to play because of the extracomunitario rules) but we don’t want to lose him.

Which leaves only Santy Caceres, who surely must be asking for something to happen as well?

The English papers are now full of Arsenal’s desire to sign Pau Torres for €50m or whatever it is. I am not seeing it given Pau has just made the Spanish national team, is a native of Vila-real, and probably doesn’t see the value of jumping teams in midseason (plus, Unai Emery). I rather enjoyed this website reporting on Pau and calling Vila-real a “suburb of Valencia.” Them’s fighting words, baby.

Samu Chukwueze scored for Nigeria in their last match, so presumably the people asking if he is overrated can say “no”. Of course, that doesn’t mean Liverpool, or anyone else, will pay his €70m release clause. But the rumors? They will continue.

Meanwhile, Enes Unal (still Villarreal property) scored two goals for Turkey in their win over Andorra, and promptly gave an interview where he confessed his “dream has always been to play for Real Madrid”. Dude. DUDE!! You have scored exactly ONE goal in the league this season—and that one was a penalty. Andorra. Andorra!!