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Villarreal stories to keep you going during the break

Time to curl up with your computer and these links.

Joseph with Carlos Bacca
Joseph Cabra

We’re in the midst of another international break, so news is rather short...however, some various news snippets for you to enjoy in the meanwhile!

Villarreal’s under-12’s won the Villarreal Yellow Cup Miami, defeating New York Red Bulls U-12’s in the final, 2-1. The MVP of the tournament was the gloriously named Zidane Yanez, of the Red Bulls.

The Red Bulls, of course, were the team that sold Jozy Altidore to Villarreal years ago. Jozy came on as a sub and scored for his current club, Toronto FC, but they lost to the Seattle Sounders in the MLS Cup final, 3-1. Congratulations to fellow Villarreal fan (and past writer on here) Ravi, a/k/a “aupasubmarino”, Director of Analytics for the Sounders!

Aaaaaaand.....a brief interview here with Giuseppe Rossi, who is training with Villarreal in hopes of making a comeback. I didn’t realize he had trained with Man Utd last year.

An even longer interview with the miraculous Santi Cazorla. A profile of Samu Chukwueze, plus an analysis of his playing style.

And an appreciation of Marcos Senna.

PICTURE: My podcast mate Joseph is finishing up his internship in Vila-real, checked out training one last time... and got a photo with fellow Colombian Carlos Bacca. Safe travels, Joseph!