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VUSA Podcast #14: The American Game

We explore some of the issues surrounding the possible regular-season match in Miami.

Dollar Argentina
Money in the short-term, growth of the league long-term. Is it worth moving a Villarreal home game to the USA?
Photo illustration by Carol Smiljan/NurPhoto via Getty Images

The big news this week was Villarreal announcing they, Atlético Madrid, and La Liga want to move our home game against Atleti to Miami, to be played on December 6th.

Reaction from fans in Spain to the announcement has been mostly negative; here, we gather three American fans—Allen and Sidarth from Villarreal USA, and Jeremy Beren from our fellow SBN blog Into the Calderon—and we explore the matter from our perspectives.

Especially in the case of a club like Villarreal, which has always valued the close bond between the team management and fans, is this a good idea? Will the benefits outweigh the negatives? And what about the fans of the visitors? Will the league be able to handle this so that there is a long-term benefit? And is this just the beginning of more attempts to export the La Liga game experience overseas?

Suffice it to say we’re conflicted!

Jeremy joins Sid and me about 20 minutes in, right after the ad break, by the way.