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Giuseppe Rossi to join Villarreal for training

Well, this is a surprise, though a pleasant one. Giuseppe Rossi, who has been without a team for over a year (Fiorentina released him in July 2017, and he joined Genoa from December 2017 to July 2018) is joining Villarreal for training.

Rossi has been working very hard on his own and is convinced he can make a comeback—I had heard he was contacting Serie B teams in Italy to try to find a place there, but evidently that didn’t work. He has always had an excellent relationship with Villarreal and the Roig family, so it’s excellent that he has this opportunity.

No mention of a contract, but this is what Villarreal did with Santi Cazorla as well—offered him an opportunity to train and then signed him when it was clear he was able to play at the desired level.

Beppe last saw action in Spain for Celta (2016-17) and Levante (2015-16),both times on loan from Fiorentina. He scored 6 times for Levante in 17 appearances in spring 2016, including a game-winner against Atletico Madrid, but his Celta spell was not as successful and he suffered yet another knee injury in April 2017. I did not see him play at all for Genoa , but he only made a few appearances.

We wish him very well. I’d love to be a fly in the training room when he and Santi Cazorla see each other!! Roll back the years? We hope so.