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La Liga has a survey for fans in the US

Contact me and I’ll send it to you.

Villarreal’s Uncle SAm

This crossed my electronic desk a couple of hours’s from the la Liga office in New York. They ask me, in my role as ‘ambassador’, to share this with a group. Since this website is really our ‘penya’, I am reproducing it below, and ask that if you are in the USA and reading this, you can go to the bottom (the questions/feedback part) and send me your responses via email at

It’s maybe helpful, but not necessary, if you tell me where in the US you are. If you’re not in the US, no need to reply, sorry!

I will tally the responses and send them on to the league office before the end of January.


LaLiga North America wants to be closer to the fans of the competition. Official penas are the best ambassadors we have in the United States and your opinion on a range of issues is important to us.

As a first initiative to grow and fidelize our core fans in the United States, LaLiga North America is looking to launch their first LALIGA Fan Club in the United States.


LaLiga Fan club is a new concept that has the objective of getting to better know our fans in the United States and offer members added value through different benefits.

LaLiga North America wants to work with the official Peñas to jointly define what are the types of benefits that are attractive to the fans.


As a President of the Official Peñas of LaLiga in the United States, we are asking that you help us gather the opinions of your peña members in your respective cities.

We want to know what are the benefits that would matter to you so we can design the LaLiga Fan Club together.

We are aware that we have a lot of constraints, but we also know there are a lot of things we can do to reward our fans in the United States..


  1. Share and discuss the below questionnaire with a pool of Peñistas that you think could add value.
  2. Submit to us one document per peña by the end of January with the gathered feedback
  3. If you feel more comfortable calling us to discuss any of the ideas please let us know


(Please respond to the questions below and feel free to add any comment)

  • Would you sign up for a LaLiga Fan Club?

  • What types of benefits would you be interested in a LaLiga Fan club providing?

  • If LaLiga would provide discounts on services or purchases, what kind of things would you be interested in? On what type of things would you like have a discount (for example, FuboTV subscriptions)? Please feel free to rank your choices in terms of importance.

  • Would you be interested in receiving a monthly newsletter with news about LaLiga in the USA? If so, what kind of news would be interesting to you?

  • Would you like to have premium access to LaLiga North America Events when organized in your city? What type of events would you like to see in your hometown? (for example, happy hours, Watch parties, legends visits)