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The new (improved?) Villarreal USA competition!

Trying to get away from the questions where everyone herds together with the same answers for a change.

If you are a prize-winning restaurateur AND a former Villarreal player, as Aitor Arregui is, you get one of these for free. Otherwise? You need to win it. Here’s how.
Ryan/Peña Athletic Club California

Greetings, groguets. Okay, it’s time for not just another season, but for (drum roll) another Villarreal USA quiz competition! Some of the questions are the same as last year—I mean, when no one got more than ONE of the three relegated teams correct, we obviously need more practice. But I’ve tried to throw in some fun questions as well.

Last year none of us (and obviously, not the club’s front office either) predicted the emergence of Rodri, who ended up playing more minutes than anyone else, and was our highest-rated player on whoscored. And we couldn’t have expected Bakambu to leave in midyear. What will happen this time? So sharpen your pencils (or whatever the digital equivalent is) and get ready to roll.

The prizes this year: I’m going to see if the club can help us out with anything unique, but (in addition to a Villarreal USA scarf if you don’t already have one, of course) we will have three prizes: basically they will be €100, €60 and €40 gift certificates to the club shop, though since they don’t sell gift cards as far as I can tell I have to figure this out. I have a whole season to work on it!

Rules: You need to have your entry to me by kickoff of our first match of the season, which is 11:15 AM Pacific Daylight Time here in the US on Saturday August 18. You can either submit your entries in the comment section below, you can respond to the Villarreal USA page on Facebook, you can send them to, or you can even direct message me (groguet01) on twitter, or direct message Villarreal USA on twitter. So many options!!

Since the prizes are better, we have more questions, so it would be good for you, and me, if you use the numbers of the questions in your answer. Something like (1) first, (2) 105 points, (3) Villarreal..... you get the idea.

The decision of the judge (me) is final, and I can’t win a prize. Anyone else can, even people who occasionally write for the blog.

Note: all questions refer to La Liga matches only unless otherwise specified.

Here goes!!

(1) Our traditional, most important question: where will Villarreal finish in the league?

(2) And with how many points?

(3) Who will win La Liga?

(4) Who will finish higher: Villarreal, or Valencia?

(5) Who will finish higher: Real Betis, or Sevilla?

(6) And who will finish higher: Atletico Madrid, or Real Madrid?

(7) Who will lead Villarreal in:

(a) goals scored

(b) minutes played

(c) average rating on Whoscored

(d) yellow cards

(8) How many penalties will Sergio Asenjo save this season?

(9) How many points will we get against Real Madrid and Sevilla this season? (give me the total, you don’t need to say how many against which team)

(10) How many yellow cards will we receive AS A TEAM this season? (for reference, we had 109 in the league last year).

(11) Which three teams will be relegated from La Liga?

(12) Will Bruno Soriano play more than 1000 minutes for the first team this season?

(13) How many goals will our leading goalscorer score?

(14) How many of these players will be with us at the end of the January transfer window: Samu Castillejo, Denis Cheryshev, Mario Gaspar, Victor Ruiz, Nicola Sansone, Enes Unal?

(15) To the nearest hundred (i.e. 300, 800) how many minutes will Santi Cazorla play for us this season?

(16) Toko Ekambi is now valued at €18m on transfermarkt (our transfer fee). To the nearest 1m, how much will he be worth there on June 1, 2019?

(17) Who will play more minutes for Villarreal: Santy Caceres, or Miguel Layún?

(18) Who will finish higher in their league this season: Villarreal B, or Villarreal C?

(19) Will Villarreal B make the promotion playoffs this season?

(20) How many of the newly relegated teams (Depor, Malaga, Las Palmas) will return to La Liga this season?

(21) How many yellow cards will Battling Jaume Costa (tm) receive?

(22) How many assists will Pablo Fornals have?

(23) Will Calleja be our coach at the end of the season?

(24) How far will we progress in the Europa League?

(25) How far will we progress in the Copa del Rey?

And now, the tiebreaker in case any of you are even on points....

What will be Villarreal’s team score on whoscored at the end of the year? (it was 6.78 last season).

Good luck!!!!!