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Werder Bremen host Villarreal: how to watch

You can use this as the gamethread.

Real Madrid v Villarreal - La Liga Photo by Denis Doyle/Getty Images

Werder Bremen are hosting Villarreal in the Yellow Submarine’s last friendly of the season. I have not yet seen the list of whom we are taking as our squad to this one—which might be interesting in itself in giving some hints as to who is in and who....might not be.

The match starts at 5:30AM Pacific time, which is about the time our cats decide they want to have breakfast and get us up, so I should have had my first cup of coffee then and be reasonably coherent.

The match is being televised on the Valencian TV channel À Punt, and as far as I know you will be able to legally watch it here:

If I get any information on our travelling party I will post it in the comments, and this can serve as a gamethread.

Werder Bremen appear to have had much the same sort of preseason as us, with lots of 1-1 draws. Not many goals given up, not many scored. Last year they finished midtable, 11 points away from Europe, 9 from relegation.

Endavant Villarreal!!!