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Villarreal’s La Liga schedule, 2018-19

Finally released.

Pack that suitcase and head out to support Villarreal! Now we have a schedule!!
Allen Dodson

And finally, we have a schedule. As was reported yesterday, the schedule is ‘asymetric’ this year, meaning that the first 19 matches are not simply duplicated in the same order for the last 19.

Villarreal open up at home against Real Sociedad, their first away match is at Sevilla. Those two matches both happen in August, before the transfer window closes.

Key matches (jornada in parentheses):

Barcelona away Dec 2 (14); home April 3 (30)

Real Madrid home Dec 22 (17), away May 5 (36)

Atleti home Oct 21 (9), away Feb 24 (25)

Valencia home Sep 23 (5), away Jan 27 (21)

Note our first Europa League match is Sep 20, before we host Valencia on Sunday; our others are before Espanyol (a), Alaves (a), Rayo (a), Barcelona (a), Huesca (a).

The complete schedule (in Valencian) is here (h/t La Veu Groga):