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Villarreal USA Prediction Contest: Results

None of us saw Rodri coming.

AAGH! I can’t BELIEVE I didn’t win!!!!

Okay, guys, I finally took a look at the results from last year’s prediction contest.

Most of the entrants finished pretty close together. Sarthak Kumar was the winner this time! Congratulations.

It can safely be said that none of us saw the emergence of Rodri (highest whoscored rating AND highest number of minutes played). However, pretty much everyone expected Jaume Costa to lead in yellow cards (as he did, tied with Alvaro).

A few people correctly thought Carlos Bacca would be our leading scorer; surprisingly few people thought Barcelona would win the league. If you’d taken our collective wisdom, Real Madrid would have won the league, Leganés, Girona and Levante would have gone down. As for Villarreal, most people had us between fifth and seventh, though everyone was too optimistic about how we would do in Europe and the Copa.

I’ll try to put together another set of questions in the next few weeks, once our roster is shaken out a bit and we actually know our schedule.