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Villarreal B-Elche: can we overturn a 2-0 deficit?

The “remontada” , happening tomorrow, we hope

Ciudad Deportiva (2) S.R. Sidarth

A reminder that Villarreal’s B team plays the home leg of their promotion final against Elche tomorrow. The first leg didn’t go so well, with us losing 2-0 and missing a penalty besides—that away goal would have been so valuable.

Nonetheless, if we can win 2-0 and take it to penalties, there’s hope, right?

The kickoff is being postponed an hour due to excessive heat in the Communitat Valenciana (I laugh because I am writing this just as our power goes off, and our generator kicks on, presumably because of high utility demand here)!

Feel free to comment on the match here. Endavant!!!