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He’s BACK! Gerard Moreno returns to Villarreal

Olympique Lyonnais v Villarreal - Emirates Cup Photo by David Rogers/Getty Images

As expected, the Gerard Moreno deal was announced today. He rejoins Villarreal and signs for five years (presumably also with a high recission clause); Espanyol get €12m now and an additional €4m in each of the next two years, presumably without any strings attached.

Is it just me, or could the €8m being paid in the future have anything to do with the €8m we’ve offered Milan for Bacca?

Anyway, now we need to turn our attention to midfield and the back line, and improving Samu Chukwedze’s contract. Word is Manu Morlanes, who will likely see some first-team action next year, has agreed to an improved and extended contract, we must be hoping Samu will do the same.

Welcome back, Gerard, we never should have sold you but you certainly took advantage of the opportunity we gave you. Endavant Villarreal!!