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Another year for Daniele Bonera

Like a fine wine, he’s getting better with age!

Real Madrid CF v Villarreal CF - La Liga Photo by Gonzalo Arroyo Moreno/Getty Images

News today is that Villarreal is indeed offering a new one-year contract to Daniele Bonera—his fourth—with the almost 37 year-old (his birthday is May 31) quite willing to play for another year.

An amazing stat—if you throw in Copa and Europa League minutes, Il Capo played more minutes this year than he has since the 2012 season. Milan used him as a part-time player for most of his career, so he’s never had the 3000+ minutes of someone like Alvaro Gonzalez this season.

Not sure I agree with the article’s writer that our four centerbacks are likely to be Bonera, Ruiz, Sidnei and Alvaro (with Pau available to be called up from B if need be). We’ll see.