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Villarreal will visit Germany this preseason

Bayern Muenchen v Werder Bremen - Bundesliga Photo by Simon Hofmann/Getty Images For DFL

Our first friendly has been announced, and it’s a match against....Werder Bremen. It’ll take place at their stadium in 2014 on August 11th.

We don’t know yet if their will be a Ceramica Trophy match this summer—traditionally, Villarreal has started the preseason in Spain before playing a couple of matches in Europe somewhere, sometimes plays in one of the Spanish summer trophy competitions, and the only chance fans have gotten to see Villarreal play at home before the season starts is the Ceramica Trophy match.

We haven’t held it the last couple of years—first because of the stadium rebuild, another time because the pitch was being completely redone. If I remember correctly, the last Ceramica match was in 2014 when we defeated Sassuolo 4-2.

Last year, La Liga began on August 21; if it begins on August 18, there probably would not be time for a Ceramica match before the season starts.