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Gerard Moreno reportedly returning to Villarreal

Espanyol need money.

Olympique Lyonnais v Villarreal - Emirates Cup Photo by David Rogers/Getty Images

Buzz on the street is that Gerard Moreno will be rejoining Villarreal. The Espanyol striker will be on the move in the summer, as the club’s owners are needing to raise money. Espanyol is owned by the Rastar Group, which has seen its shares plummet by 70% since buying the club.

RAC1 has reported that Espanyol and Villarreal have already reached an agreement for the transfer. Recall that his release clause is €40m and Villarreal would get half of any sale. Presumably Villarreal is buying him for €20m, which is a reasonably good price given his production this year.

Given that Gerard has not played outside Spain, and might not want to, it’s probably a good deal for everyone, though it’s not exactly good business to sell a player and then buy him back at ten times the price three years later, is it?

If we have Gerard and Unal, then will we have both a new striker (say Ekambi) and Bacca? Or one, not the other?