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Resurrection at Malaga: the colista defeats Villarreal 1-0

This says it all.....

Lots of questions for mister Calleja and the Villarreal team after this one. The decision to play only one defensive-minded midfielder (Rodri) didn’t work, as time and time again Malaga were able to control midfield and get forward.

The only goal was a Chory Castro penalty after Asenjo got himself in trouble with a poor clearance and brought down Diego Rolan, who had beaten Bonera and stormed in one-on-one, Asenjo taking him out. Not much doubt about that one, and Chory slotted away the penalty.

Subbing out Bacca, Sansone and Samu for Ünal, Raba and Roger Martinez didn’t work (though our new €15m man was arguably the best of the three, at least producing a shot on net).

Highlights, if you dare, are below. At least the first half.