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Villarreal 0-2 Girona: The Submarine Continues Sinking

We had no luck, for sure, but our limitations were evident.

Girona v Villarreal - La Liga Photo by David Ramos/Getty Images

Hoo boy. A big loss at the Ceramica for Villarreal leaves us just one point ahead of Girona (and Eibar could catch up with us should they defeat Depor).

A bad defensive giveaway from Rodri led to an early Girona goal (Stuani heading home over Alvaro) and at that point you knew Villarreal would be in trouble, because Girona could just sit back and absorb our possession and pressure.

Carlos Bacca had the best chance for the Submarine on 55 minutes but was denied by the keeper, Roberto Soriano had a shot from distance that was dangerous too, but otherwise.....

Girona added a second—which should have been called back for offside, me thinks—with about 10 minutes left when Anthony Lozano was allowed plenty of time to pick his spot and did so with skill, beating Asenjo high to his left.

Questions abound. Is Calleja in over his head? Starting Raba ahead of Ünal was a questionable decision, though Enes didn’t exactly do much in the second half. Or is our roster just not good enough, especially up front? Bacca’s contribution has declined of late and Ünal has been much better starting than coming off the bench.

To be honest, I don’t see us changing anything right now, because there’s no point. Sr. Roig has put his faith in Calleja, and if that means we don’t make Europe next year, so be it. It’s going to be a busy summer with roster changes (I expect we’ll see Castillejo move on, as well as Rodri) and investing the Bakambu money anyhow. But I’ve been wrong about these things before.

“Highlights”, if you dare are here (the match starts about 1:30 in):