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Spanish soccer tidbits: Recre sale, Girona success, and CL quarterfinal lineup

Barcelona v Recreativo Huelva
Those were the days: Recre in the Primera vs Barca
Photo by Bagu Blanco/Getty Images

A few items that happened over the last week or so that didn’t get much coverage....Recreativo Huelva (Spain’s olderst soccer club) is about to be sold. For one euro. The Huelva council has paid electricity and tax bills, so the buyer gets a debt-free club, at least. Recre are currently 12th in the Segunda B Group 4, barely above the relegation zone.

A nice article here on Girona and their success, especially their 3-4-2-1 formation.

And three Spanish teams have qualified for the final eight of the Champions League yet again, with Barcelona joining Real Madrid and Sevilla. The EPL has Man City and Liverpool, Italy has Roma and Juventus, and Bayern Munich is the only Bundesliga team in the quarters.

The quarterfinal draw will be on Friday; there are no seedings, and teams from the same league CAN be drawn against each other.

Edit: And I forgot to include this, another blog article in English, this one about Mateu Lahoz. It was written right after the Las Palmas-Barca match, which was certainly controversial at least among Barca fans. Because Lahoz is a referee from the Valencian Community, he doesn’t referee our matches, so we miss out, so to speak!