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Sad news from Alzira

A reminder that there are plenty of things more important than who wins or loses a game.

Alzira city walls.

Dreadful news and sad news from a small club in the south of Valencian Community, UD Alzira. The captain of their Cadete B team, a young right winger named Nacho Barberà, suffered a heart attack on the pitch. Medical staff both at the match and at the local hospital were unable to revive him and he the age of 14.

I’m reminded that one of the many worthwhile initiatives funded by Villarreal is the provision of cardiac defibrillators to youth clubs in the province of Castellón. I don’t know if one was available at this match or not, or if it would have made a difference.

Nacho was a very beloved and popular youngster (his father was/is manager of Alzira’s youth football program. On behalf of Villarreal USA, I extend our condolences to Nacho’s family and the Alzira family.