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Semedo’s thread

Thread for the case

As reported by the TSJCV and published by Las Provincias and El Periódico Mediterraneo, the magistrate’s court number 6 of Lliria, Valencia, has denied bail to Semedo and he will remain in Picassent prison for the duration of the trial, and he will be able to receive visits.

The offenses he’s judged are: attempted homicide, another one for the injuries caused to the complainant, threats, illegal detention, illicit gun possesion and theft with violence.

He arrived today handcuffed to the court to testify about his involvement

Villarreal has still to comment on the situation as far as I know

Update: Villarreal has decided to suspend from work without pay until a resolution from the internal report they are doing

Update at March 16: Yesterday, Semedo declared to the judge that he’s the victim of a scam by a criminal organization. His defense is going the route of the scam and finding contradictions about the complainant version. Apparently, he put money for an inversion that never happened, and he was trying to recover it. There’s been reported that the sum is 62000€, while other places say 64000€. We will see how it ends, but his public image is already too damaged