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Update on Semedo’s detention

Las Provincias provides an account on the search of his home

Some news Las Provincias are reporting about the case while Semedo is still on the Patraix Police Station in Valencia. The UOPJ (Unidad Orgánica de Policia Judicial), judiciary branch of the Guardia Civil, has made a search of his home in Bétera on the Torre en Conill residential zone. In it, the Guardia Civil has found a gun and a disco in the basement, where according to neighbors, was in use for private parties during the nights until early morning by Semedo, his cousin and the third man in the case, all of whom shared the chalet.

The gun is now with the ballistic department to know if it’s has been used on some more crimes. The complainant has also tried to get the CCTV security footage to the Policia Nacional before filing the complaint. The third man on the case has already been recognized by the Guardia Civil. Also, the complainant has testified the shots fired were on the Avenida Blasco Ibáñez (Blasco Ibañez Boulevard) in Valencia.

Semedo denies the accusation and his agent says this is a bad joke and Semedo is a victim of this story.