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Semedo arrested according to local press

We’re hearing a lot from him for the wrong reasons

According to Las Provincias, a man has put a complaint to Valencia’s police for suffering an aggresion and being menaced with a gun. Guardia Civil arrested Semedo this early morning on his home accused of battery, illegal detention and theft.

This last February 12, the man who filed the complaint came to a local police station to denounce he had been tied, striken and held prisoner by Semedo and two men more (one of them is Semedo’s cousin) on Semedo’s chalet in Bétera (50 min drive from Villarreal, 30 min from Valencia).

They stole his home key, and two of them went to the apartment of this man near the Ciudad de las Artes y las Ciencias in Valencia, wether to steal money or another thing. The complainant had bruises and some pain in the ankle.

He recognized Semedo and his cousin as two who had detained him. He also declared one of the aggresors fired a gun two times to intimidate him, but he was not damaged by the shots fired. This would the third offense of Semedo who has been already reported he had a fight on a parking lot of a disco in Valencia, where he broke a glass bottle on the head of a young man, and when he used a gun inside a hostess bar.

I would like to remember that in Spain, the licence for guns is one of the most restrictive in the European Union.