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Villarreal squad for Lyon match announced

22 players; 4 will drop off

FBL-EUR-C3-DRAW Photo credit should read FABRICE COFFRINI/AFP/Getty Images

The team for out Europa League Round of 32 match against Lyon has been announced—as usual, it includes three keepers, one of whom will be dropped before the match (that’s just in case one of the two others is injured in the warmups or something); more unusually, there are 19 outfield players, three of whom will be dropped form the official list before the match.

The squad is:

Keepers: Asenjo, Barbosa, Cantero.

Defenders: Mario Gaspar, Alvaro, Adrian Marin, Ruiz, Jaume Costa, Rukavina, Bonera

Midfielders: Cheryshev, Castillejo, Fornals, Salem, Trigueros, Rodrigo, Javi Fuego, Bruno Soriano, and Raba

Strikers: Bacca, Unal, Martinez

On the assumption we’ll keep three strikers I expect we’ll drop a defender and two midfielders.

BTW, weather for Lyon will be cool—high around 50 F—we should have morning rain on the Thursday but not during the match. Endavant!!!