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Villarreal budget unveiled (just in time for January spending)

The annual shareholders’ meeting of Villarreal CF, S.A.D. took place in the unfortunate context of a team struggling for survival in the First Division.

Here are some of the highlights.

(1) In the preceding season, we made €144.5m and spent €141.6m, so had a profit of €2.9m.

(2) This year’s budget calls for income and spending of €138.5m, which as Sr. Roig noted is one of the 7 or 8 highest in the First Division.

(3) As I mentioned a couple of days ago, reaching the Round of 32 of the EL was assumed in the budget. If we progress farther, great.

Note that these figures include spending on everything, not just the first team, and also, how transfer ins and outs are accounted for are pretty complicated. But the bottom line is that Villarreal essentially have their financial house in order, though I would have liked to know the details of compliance with UEFA Financial Fair Play regulations (i.e. do we have any wage room left to sign players in January?)

Sr. Roig was fairly noncommittal on January spending, saying “I imagine there’s some money for that”.