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Villarreal’s next opponent: UD Almería

It’s Copa del Rey time! Yawn if you wish.

Maria José Segovia

And so it is that the Copa del Rey begins for Primera clubs, yet again a two-legged tie. Villarreal drew Segunda opposition this time, and it’s our old rivals UD Almería.

Almeria had a decent period in the early 2000’s, winning promotion to the Primera in 2007 and finishing eighth in their first season, led by coach Unai Emery. After he departed for Valencia, Almeria struggled, and were relegated in 2010-11, finishing dead last although they did reach the semis of the Cup.

Promotion (again) was achieved in 2012-13, but after two lackluster seasons in the Primera they were again relegated and haven’t been a contender in the Segunda since coming down. They’re currently ninth, with a 4-2-5 record, 12 goals for, 10 against in 11 matches.

Pretty much anyone you might remember from the 2012-13 Segunda season and our promotion-securing win against them is long gone—Angel Trujillo, a defender, is the only one I recall. Mostly it’s a roster of players in their mid-20’s, trying to put together a decent team effort, with no individual stars.

If past experience is any guide, Villarreal will play some B teamers in this one (certainly Samu, and I would think maybe a couple of others) and hey, Nicola Sansone might even show up in the lineup.