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Villarreal’s strikers aren’t the only ones struggling

Villarreal v Real Madrid - La Liga Photo by Manuel Queimadelos Alonso/Getty Images

What coach recently said this?

“It’s not that we’re not making chances. What we need is to do is finish off more of them,” the Coach said after the game.

“We’re not able to convert our chances and make the goalkeeper intervene. We’re worried in the sense that we’re not able to score goals at the moment.”

It could have been Javi Calleja, but it wasn’t....that was Marcelino , speaking after the Leganés match.

And Guillem Balague’s column on Real Madrid’s problems (written before their underwhelming win in the CL today) made the same point—with 13 goals from 9 league matches, it’s not as if their world-class strikers are performing well.

Meanwhile, statistics as far as home matches are concerned are quite interesting. Real Madrid are averaging almost 11 shots per goal scored at home; Villarreal, almost 13; Valencia, over 17. But the interesting question is, is VAR having an effect?

Away teams have picked up far more points in the first none weeks of La Liga than is “normal”; five teams (including Villarreal) have won at least half of their away matches. That’s strange. It’s a small sample set yet; we’ll have to see how this holds up, but certainly Villarreal have had a goal waved off at home that would have changed the course of a match.