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The Rain in Spain...will fall in Vila-real

Heavy rain is predicted over the weekend.

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Villarreal’s training for the Atleti match, if not the match itself, may well be disrupted by heavy rain. The weather service has declared a “pre-emergency” due to anticipated heavy rain on Friday and Saturday.

The Valencian Football Federation have already canceled matches this weekend involving the province’s youth teams (younger than the “Juvenil” category).

The first team’s match against Atleti is scheduled for 18:30 Spanish time on Saturday, which is the same time as the B team plays in Barcelona.

It looks as if the worst of the weather is supposed to arrive tomorrow (the province is under a “red alert” until Friday night for rain and thunderstorms) so presumably the Atleti match will be able to go ahead. Valencia are hosting Leganés even earlier on Saturday, so presumably could face the same problem.

Having been present at the then-El Madrigal during a very rainy match (Sevilla a few years back), I can tell you the club tried to get as many fans under cover as they could, but whether they can make all those arrangements again this time at short notice I don’t know. At any rate, it will be cool and windy even if no rain is falling.