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Santi Cazorla supports Calleja in interview

Some interesting comments.

Maria José Segovia

Santi Cazorla had some interesting comments in an interview reported in El Periodico Mediterraneo. He pointed out “we have thirty matches left” .

Santi had some keen insights regarding the mindset of the team. He said Villarreal has been “fragile”, and when “things go against us, we don’t know how to react.”

He commented that the Valladolid match was a key one. Had Villarreal won that game, after coming back from San Mamés with a win, that would have been a big step forward. But as we saw, the team seemed to be lost once Valladolid scored.

Santi said the best thing would be for Calleja to continue—he commented the coach has the support of the players and the front office—and everyone is working to turn things around.

Nothing reported here about the makeup of the roster or injuries which have contributed to our poor start.