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Villarreal goal drought is concerning

After 8 matches, only 6 goals....

Villarreal CF v Rangers - UEFA Europa League
Not many celebrations so far.
Photo by Manuel Queimadelos Alonso/Getty Images

Various statistics have been used to show Villarreal’s problems in the early going, and one key one is goals scored.

Villarreal’s 6 goals in eight matches matches the 2000-01 team for the lowest in the beginning of a Primera season. That team ended up finishing seventh, scoring 52 goals in the remaining 30 matches, but just missing out on Europe.

The 2006-07 team, 2009-10 team (both finished high up in the standings) and the 2011-12 team (relegated) had only seven goals. Those three are instructive, because the 2006-07 squad only scored 48 goals all season, but allowed only 44; the 2009-10 team got going slowly but ended up with 58 goals on the season (allowing 57), while the 2011-12 team never got untracked and scored only 39 goals all season (53 allowed).

Perhaps with that in mind, EPM helpfully notes that Gerard (3), Ekambi (1) and Bacca (2) only had 6 goals at this point last season, and ended up with 48. One can only hope.

On average, La Liga teams have scored one goal in every 10.5 shots so far this season. Futbol Avanzado has graphed performance thus far, and as you can see, Villarreal is an outlier in both ways. 16 shots required to score a goal against us (that’s good) but we require 20 shots to score once—not good. You’d like to be in the top left quadrant of this diagram (or close to it)—as you can see, the teams that are, Sevilla, Atleti and Alaves, are doing pretty well. Food for thought.