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Bakambu departure is confirmed

Calleja has confirmed he’s left.

Bomba in Villarreal, and not a good one, as Cedric Bakambu has left Vila-real for China and a huge paycheck, while Villarreal has pocketed €40m from the sale of a player who cost them €7.5m, and the transfer fee breaks Villarreal’s record of €38m from the sale of Eric Bailly.

With this sale, Villarreal have brought their harvest to €150m from sales (€15m+)of players who cost us €30m—these players being Bakambu, Bailly, Vietto, Pato, Musacchio, and Gabriel.

Now, we turn to a replacement. Calleja seemed to indicate we had someone in mind; the two names that have come up are Sandro Ramirez (14 goals for Malaga last season, has found it difficult to adapt to the EPL with Everton) and Gerard Moreno. We made a run at Gerard in the summer but he didn’t seem interested in coming here—would he feel differently now that he could become a main striker rather than a Bakambu foil?