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The remodeled Ceramica Stadium is ready for Villarreal

the “old” ground....we can compare this view with what we see on Sunday
S.R. Sidarth

Playing the first two matches of the season on the road wasn’t a great way to begin the season, but now Villarreal returns home—to a remodeled home.

The article on the official website (and video) shows a lot of the new stand, but there is a lot of work done outside as well. For those of us watching the match on TV probably the most obvious change is the extension of the roof above the main stand—it now has a middle section which juts out farther over the center of the stand than the roof on either side—I confess I am not sure why, but maybe someone can enlighten me.

The banners of the supporters’ groups (including ours) appear to be returning to where they were last year, in front of the main stand. Since our matches are usually shot from that stand, that means we won’t see them again. I must confess I liked it better when they were at the ends!!

Hopefully we can discover our winning form back at home. Endavant!