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Cantera Grogueta roundup

Let’s take a look at how it’s going so far in this start

With the new appointment of Javi Calleja as the new coach for Villarreal A, seems a good time to talk of his work with Villarreal B, at the same time as talk others teams in the cantera.

Calleja has been utilizing the 4-4-2 so far this season with great results for B team. They are undefeated, with only Mallorca and Elche sharing this distinction, after 6 matches with 4 wins and 2 ties. They are also, with Mallorca, the team with less goals conceded while making 7 goals. This last Sunday, they won 2-0 over Cornellá. Next match is Sunday morning against Ebro.

The players to have played every match are Dalmau, Franco Acosta, Juan Fernández, Imanol and Franquesa, and you could have added here Cantero (GK) if it wasn’t because of the injuries at the first squad. If we take into account minutes, Juan Fernández leads with 505 minutes (of 540) with Imanol (463) and Ramiro (450) following closely. We cannot talk about a leading topscorers for the team as all goals have been shared, being the seven scorers: Dalmau, Franco Acosta, Imanol, Leo Suárez, Ramiro, Chuca and Darío Poveda.

Let’s hope that he can continue this positive trend with the first squad. He knows the club well as he played before starting to coach here in the cadete level before raising to the juvenil, winning 3 leagues and the Copa de Campeones certifying they were the best juvenil in Spain that season, to the B squad.

Villarreal C are not having a great time with 1 win, 1 tie and 3 losses with only 1 goal scored and 5 received. The only win being against Roda, team with a collaboration with Villarreal, by 1-0. The last match played was against Castellón in a derby, losing 2-0. Next match will be against Atlético Levante in the Ciudad Deportiva de Villarreal.

Taking into account the data, only scorer for the team is Dani Villanueva with his goal against Roda. In minutes played, there’s some players like Pepe and Nani (both defenders) who have played everything. This season will be a hard one, specially considering as a lot of players from Juvenil A are entering into Tercera. Let’s hope they can mantain their division