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Deadline Day: Villarreal not looking to be involved

Of course, one never knows....

S.R. Sidarth

Transfer deadline day is finally here, and Villarreal probably aren’t going to be doing much. The only deal we would look to make would be for a keeper after Andrés was injured, but with Sergio Asenjo supposedly going to be ready to play by mid-October, we are unlikely to sign anyone at this stage.

We did inquire if Celta’s Ruben Blanco was available and was rebuffed; we also allegedly asked after Alphonse Areola, but he seems to be first-choice now at PSG.

As far as rumors of players leaving, there’s been very little. The Samu Castillejo-to-Napoli rumor seems to have died off and there’s been nothing else mentioned of late. However, if anything of interest comes up, we’ll cover it.

One minor item: Joel Campbell looks to be returning to Spain on loan (again), joining Real Betis (again), so we may see him at the Ceramica on September 10. That will be “Almassora Day” as the EndaVant Provincia initiative kicks off again. (Almassora is just east of Vila-real).