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B team wins over Zaragoza, first team loses to Boca

Yesterday Villarreal B played a match in Teruel against Real Zaragoza, winning 3-1. You can see the goals here, sort of (the camera angles are not very good). Notice our first goal was an ‘olimpico’—a goal scored directly from a corner kick.

The first team had a great event in Buenos Aires, playing in the Bombonera against Boca Juniors, but it has to be said we didn’t perform well, especially in the second half. We lost 1-0 and never really had a shot on goal to speak of, which has got to be the most concerning thing at this point of the preseason. Highlights are here:

Let’s hope some of our many injured players are available soon, because we clearly are missing some spark in attack. Semedo was by all accounts the most impressive player last night.