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Carlos Bacca’s transfer to Villarreal appears imminent—maybe.

Wow, this has bubbled up quickly, hasn’t it!!

AC Milan v US Citta di Palermo - Serie A Photo by Tullio M. Puglia/Getty Images

The latest from Superdeporte is that Bacca is, or will be, on his way to Spain and unless there is some last-minute hitch, he will become a Villarreal player after two years with AC Milan. According to the article, Bacca will earn €3m (similar to Soldado’s figure) and the deal will be a loan with a purchase option, of €18m.

If that’s so, this looks like a reasonable deal and a chance for Bacca to shine in Spain, where he did very well with Sevilla. The article credits the “excellent relationship Villarreal has with Milan” as a reason for the Submarine gaining the advantage in signing him. I guess that paella Sr. Roig shared with the Milan brass when they came to negotiate for Musacchio was even better than we thought!!

However, I caution that Javi Mata, who typically knows these things, says the original plan was for Bacca to travel to Spain today, but the clubs have still not agreed on terms (Bacca agreed terms with Villarreal already, according to him). So it’s not done yet. Italian sources have been talking about the purchase price as if it’s obligatory, so maybe that’s what the negotiations are going on about. We shall see.