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Bruno Soriano to miss a couple of months, reports say

His inflamed knee has not responded to rest.

Bruno Ravi Ramieni

We haven’t even started training yet, and already there’s injury news. Javi Mata is reporting that Bruno Soriano will be out for “two to three months” due to continuing problems with his left leg (inflamed knee). Bruno admitted he played through a lot of pain in the last couple of matches of the 2016-17 season.

Javi spoke of some sort of ‘intervention’ on the leg—no details yet. If Bruno is available by the end of August or early September (remember, there is an international break from August 28-September 5), that won’t be too bad, but if it goes longer.....

What effect might this have on our squad this summer? Rodrigo and Manu Trigueros figure to get the majority of play in the pivote, but who else will play there? Thoughts?