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Villarreal B schedule released; Villarreal-Reus on Catalan TV today

Fornals (circled) as a youngster playing in a Villarreal side
Ximo Miralles twitter

The schedule for the various Segunda B groups has been released. If you want a copy, go here and click on the ‘calendario’ link at the bottom of the article.

The way to read it is to look at the teams playing each other—there are two dates shown, one above each team. The first is the first matchup, the second is the reverse fixture. So for example with the first jornada, Villarreal B are listed in the second column, across from Atletico Baleares. So that means on jornada 1 (August 20 weekend) we play at Atletico; the return fixture is January 7, and that one will be in Vila-real.

The season starts on August 20 and runs through May 13. The interesting matches: we pay at Mallorca on October 22 weekend, host them March 11; we host Valencia Mestalla (Valencia B) October 29, play away March 18; we host Elche November 11, play them away April 1.

Meanwhile, Pablo Fornals trained with Villarreal today, not sure if he will get on the pitch at Reus or not. We play the Catalans this evening (11AM California time, though) and Catalan regional network esport3 will be showing the match, and Radio Vila-real will provide commentary as well.

If it’s like before, there is a way to access the TV feed via the esport3 website using this link, though it may not be available outside Spain—not sure about that—and if it’s like a couple of summers ago, it’s choppy. At any rate, I’ll put up a gamethread closer to time.