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League Calendar Release Postponed after RFEF President Villar Arrested for Corruption

Who knows when we’ll find out who we’re playing when? Maybe next week?

Just so we all remember, this was the last match we played. We still don’t know when we will visit the Mestalla again....

The already absurd way in which Spanish football authorities release the season schedule took an even more absurd turn today. The RFEF (the Spanish equivalent of the English FA) typically holds a three-day meeting, and in the middle of that the La Liga schedule is released with great fanfare (and some sort of draw for the first week’s opponents, at least).

HOWEVER, the RFEF’s president, Miguel Angel Villar, and his son Gorka were arrested yesterday on corruption charges connected with Spanish national team friendlies, including siphoning off money, falsifying documents, etc. (some regional directors were arrested, too).

So, the RFEF has “postponed” their annual shindig for a week, and La Liga officials including Javier Tebas are furious. We’re already well behind the usual time when the fixtures would be announced.