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Welcome a new writer to Villarreal USA!

And I’m actually around Villarreal!

Hi VillarrealUSA community,

Hi I’m Alayrach and from the start of this next season I'll be posting about Villarreal B, cantera's teams and women's teams, with a closer look to Villarreal B and Villarreal Femenino. If time allowed me, I'd also do some tactical analysis from matches played or some tweaks I think could be done in the team.

As a person living near Villarreal, I can tell you how surprised I'm the club managed to get a following internationally. Although we all know this, bears repeating the club was/is a modest one and playing professionally is something new, last June marked the 25th anniversary of the first professional season.

A great transformation that occured with getting from Tercera to Segunda A in 3 years, and after when in the 1997-98 season Fernando Roig, owner of Pamesa, ceramics factory from Almazora, a neighboring town, bought the team and made the big expansion, instead of managing like a traditional sports team, like a business. Expansion that changed the rivalry of the team from Burriana to Castellón to Valencia.

That’s part of what have made Vila a team with a good following in towns across the province, because in the end we feel like Vila could be our own town.

Endavant Villarreal!