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It’s a Villarreal USA podcast! (well, sort of)

I know, it’s been ages, but here we go.

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Senna gate (now being replaced, I assume) with Sid...when we were in the Segunda....

I kinda wanted to put “OMG!” in the title but thought better of it. Anyhow, we used to do these fairly often, but life, problems with recording, problems with uploading, life, time differences, life....well, you get it.

Anyway, Sid and I managed to chat over the weekend about the summer so far from a Villarreal point of view.

What do we think about the two big signings so far?

Is the squad truly ‘closed’, or could there still be one big offer to come in, and if so, who might be the player we see leave?

What other teams ought to be challenging us for Europe this season?

And more!

We are hoping to have a new hosting service in place shortly, but for now, here is a link.