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Villarreal won’t play at home until mid-September

Becaue of stadium work and an international break.

Villarreal CF v FC Barcelona - La Liga Photo by David Ramos/Getty Images

Villarreal have indicated they will play their first to matches of the La Liga season on the road. Since there is an international break to contend with as well, this means Villarreal won’t play in the Cerámica Stadium until the weekend of September 16-17.

The work that is going on at the ground involves the rebuilding of the facade of the tribuna (main stand), which includes demolition of the outside stairs, pushing the facade out (and cladding it in the yellow to match what was begun last year with the south stand) while inside, a new ‘super tribuna’ is being constructed.

This will include direct access from the outside with elevators, accomodation in luxury boxes with TV monitors and catering, an upgrade form the current boxes. The club will begin its season ticket campaign on Friday with a ‘fan fest’ outside the ground in the new plaza (which I gather is called the “Plaza del Estadio de la Cerámica”! This will replace the kickoff event in the municipal auditorium which as been a staple of Vila-real summers for a number of years.

No major changes in season tickets are expected; we do know that the price for the new ‘super tribuna’ will be higher than for the existing boxes, but new subscribers will pay more than those who already bought boxes. We also know that the subsidy for season tickets for seniors will remain but is now being picked up directly by the club rather than indirectly via the town council.

And, it goes without saying, the “Ceramica Trophy” won’t be played this year either. Traditionally it’s been the only preseason match Villarreal plays at home, and various European teams have been invited in the past. But, as last year, it can’t happen when the stadium rebuild is going on.

Villarreal fans are somewhat philosophical about all this. Given our quick moves in the transfer market (Sr. Llaneza has basically said we’re finished for the summer, pending agreement on Andrés with Porto) and the stadium work, many are looking forward to a quiet summer. One hopes so.