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Villarreal 2017-18 kits are here!

Yellow first kit, crimson second, gray third

Villarreal CF

Joma have released the new Villarreal kits for 2017-18. No major surprises: the first kit shirt is yellow with blue trim along the collar and sleeves—no major changes from last season. The second kit, which we’ll wear against Las Palmas in the islands, at least, is crimson, and the third kit, which I guess we might wear in the Copa, is gray. It actually looks rather dressy.

Keep in mind that the league has followed the EPL example in going to a league-mandated font and number style, which in my mind is an improvement.

Personally I would have preferred a little more blue on the first shirt to distinguish it more from last year’s, but it’s nice nonetheless. I really like the other two.

They will be available online starting this weekend. Joma has also released a dossier detailing the first kit a bit more, which you can download from the official site article. (The page about badges and such is nice, but since none of us are likely to be among the first 1000 buyers....)

What do you think about the new kits? Are you likely to buy one?