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Villarreal USA can use your help

Our pretty much annual appeal for writers.

VUSA banner

It’s the end of June, we’ve got a couple of weeks yet before training starts, and this is the time of year when I always ask for more help in running this blog. Don’t get me wrong, even after almost seven years(!!) I enjoy doing this, but I can always use more help.

I’d love to find someone in Spain (ideally in Vila-real area) who could keep us up to date with what is newsworthy locally as far as the team is concerned, but to be honest anyone who has an interest in Villarreal and wants to do a bit of writing would be welcome, regardless of where you live.

As a writer for the site you do have to rise above the fray a bit—keep things on an even keel, let commenters have their say without shutting them down, but let discussion flow. Otherwise, it’s not a whole lot different from commenting on the site now and then.

This next season promises to be very interesting—fourth through ninth places in La Liga, maybe even third through ninth, may be closely contested. If you’re interested, drop me a line, or if you have ideas for contributions, let me know as well. It’s not quite like Peter Cook describing the test to become a coal miner...(”What’s your name?, they said, and I got seventy percent on that”), but if you’re interested, regardless of your level of English proficiency or writing experience, we would love for you to join us.

Two last things:

First, thanks to Harry Drake for another fine year of gamethreads. He’s done pretty well at picking up key points for us (we know it’s all due to him) and since he won first prize in our prediction contest, he pretty much has to stay involved, right?

Second, with our recent revamp of the site design, it’s easier to find fanposts and fanshots than it was before. So if one of you finds a story about a possible new signing (say): rather than just linking to it under a comment, it’s easy to do a fanpost or fanshot and do it there. (You might have to let people know you’ve done that via the comment section of the latest story, but then that topic has a place of its own).

Endavant Villarreal !!