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Villarreal preseason: Spain and Italy this year

Not even a trip to England....

One of our preseason opponents (and regular season as well)

The preseason plans are mostly made now, and here is the latest:

July 15 Villarreal-Villarreal B (in Vila-real, at the B ground I guess)

July 22 Villarreal-Nastic Tarragona (Tarragona)

July 26 Villarreal-Huesca (Huesca)

July 30 Villarreal-Levante (Alcoi)

August 2 Villarreal-Zaragoza (Teruel)

August 6 Pescara and/or Inter Milan (Pescara)

August 12-13 Trofeo Carranza, Cadiz: the four teams are Villarreal, Cadiz, Malaga, and one to be determined.