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CD Roda are promoted to the Tercera

Roda is ‘affiliated’ with Villarreal.

Another club from the Castellón region has made it to the Tercera. CD Roda qualified on the away goals rule with a 3-3 draw against Atzeneta UE, after a 1-1 draw at the Pamesa Sports City last week.

CD Roda was founded in 1974 by a photographer, Pepe Roda, and in 2006 signed a cooperation agreement with Villarreal for the development of youth soccer—they have over 20 youth teams.

Their ‘top’ (adult) team is an amateur one, though certainly there are some ex-professionals in its ranks. Luismi Loro, who I believe works for Villarreal now, scored two goals today—he’s now 37 and played for Levante, Elche, Castellón and Tenerife among others. And the other goal came from Xisco Nadal, who played for Villarreal from 2001-2007.