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The Prediction Contest Results: We Have the Winners!!


Lucy Goffe

Before I get to the results, let me explain who’s who in the picture: Lucy Goffe, Juan Antón de Salas, Hernán Sanz, and Cristina Dauden, Villarreal CF folks, posing with their Villarreal USA scarves. (Sr. Roig and Sr. Llaneza got ones too, hoping to get a photo of them at some point). Lucy is doing all sorts of English-language material for the club, Juan Antón is in charge of the club’s social media information, Hernán is the club’s press officer, and Cristina...well, I’m not sure what her official title is these days, but she is the person who makes sure everything runs smoothly and is a great help to those of us visiting Vila-real who want to attend matches.

Now, here are the correct answers. As it turned out, the only questions that NO ONE got correct were #2 (no one got those three clubs, though many got two of the three); #3 (one person placed us fifth, another said we’d get 67 points, but no one got both together) and #9—which I admit was a toughie. Most people had Bruno or Mario Gaspar. And #10....that was one fo the few questions I got right!

1) Name the four qualifiers for the Champions League (top four La Liga finishers in 2016-17) Real Madrid, Barcelona, Atleti, Sevilla

(2) Name the qualifiers for the Europa League (fifth through seventh in La Liga, or fifth and sixth in 2016-17 plus Copa del Rey winner, if not one of the top six teams) Villarreal, Real Sociedad, Athletic Club

(3) Where will Villarreal finish in La Liga, and how many points will they collect? 5th, 67 points

(4) How many points will Villarreal get from the group phase of the European competition in which they play? 9

(5) How far will Villarreal get in the Copa del Rey? Round of 16

(6) How far will Villarreal get in European competition this season?

Round of 32

(7) Who will lead Villarreal in goals scored (all competitions)? Bakambu

(8) Who will lead Villarreal in goals (La Liga), and how many goals will he score? Bakambu, 11

(9) Who (excepting goalkeepers) will lead Villarreal in games played in all competitions? Jonathan dos Santos, 46 (Trigueros had more in La Liga, but Jona led overall).

(10) Who will lead Villarreal in yellow cards (La Liga only)? Not even close! Battling Jaume Costa with 13!

now the funky ones.....

(11) Will Fran Escriba still be coach for our last match of the La Liga season? yes

(12) Will Mateo Musacchio still be a Villarreal player, as of the last match of the season? yes

(13) Who will get more points this year, Villarreal or Valencia? Villarreal

(14) Who will score more goals: Sansone, Pato, or Bakambu? (ALL COMPETITIONS) Bakambu

(15) Who will be the highest rated Villarreal player on who scored (La Liga only, minimum 10 appearances)? Bruno (7.25)

(16) Which team will finish highest in its division: Villarreal B, or Villarreal C?

Villarreal B (6th), Villarreal C finished seventh

So, I went through and awarded people points for correct answers. It was close, mostly (I finished last!!). Harry Drake, in spite of the fact he picked Villarreal eighth, is our first prize winner: he correctly got Bakambu as our leading scorer, had 6 of the 7 European qualifiers (had Celta instead of us) and got most of the funky questions right. Sarthak Kumar and Julian Pedersen are the other two winners. Look for an email from me with “Villarreal USA prediction winner” in the title.

To everyone else, we’ll have another competition this coming season, so get ready!!