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“Two or three signings”: Villarreal rumors

A couple of interesting reports.

FC Twente v Heracles Almelo - Eredivisie Photo by Dean Mouhtaropoulos/Getty Images

In an interview yesterday, Sr. Roig Negueroles indicated that if there were no major ‘outputs’ this summer (apart from Musacchio), we should expect to see ‘two or three’ signings. He also indicated we hope to keep Andrés Fernandez, and may offer Bonera another one-year deal.

He did comment that signings are harder now because with the increased TV money, there are more teams that can compete with us on deals. Which is pretty true as long as you are talking about <€15m deals, as we mostly have been.

The team had its last ‘training’ session—sort of. Marcos Senna came down for a bit of a kickabout, the coaches played, and with Jaume Costa and Manu Trigueros as the two goalkeepers, I’m sure the match that was played was quite fun. No word as to which was the winning keeper!

Rumor: Enes Ünal, young (20 year-old) striker, from Manchester City. According to this (which quotes a Spanish journalist), Villarreal would sign him for €10-12m, Man City would have a buyback clause of twice whatever that transfer fee is. Ünal played for FC Twente in the Eredivisie, scoring 18 times, was chosen their player of the year. He is clearly not returning, having sent his farewell to the fans yesterday.

Why it will happen: We signed Vietto. Ünal could be similar. The deal makes some sense as being structured because let’s face it, if he does really well, he’d be sold anyhow (Vietto again) and probably the highest release clause he’d agree to would be €20-25m anyway. Best case, he’s the goal-scorer we need to get us into the top four and automatic CL group play; worst case, we own a youngster for €10m who we can sell for that with any luck.

Don’t forget, Villarreal and Manchester City know each other well from the Aleix Garcia deal. Now, true, there were previous rumors that Ünal was joining Valencia (which came from the Turkish press), but this one comes from a Spanish source. Not saying necessarily more reliable, but possible.

Why it won’t happen: Actually, the more I think about it, the more it makes sense to me. But that doesn’t mean it will happen.

Other Rumor: Andre-Pierre Gignac. Ex-Marseille, scoring gobs of goals in Mexico for Tigres.

Why it will happen: Maybe through a combination of circumstances where he wants to leave Tigres or they feel they need to cash in, since he’s 31? You’d think an EPL team would offer more money for him, though. Short answer? It won’t.

Why it won’t happen: He’s making good money at Tigres and doesn’t need to return to Europe at this point. And don’t forget we sold Ike Uche to Tigres—and he never played for them, they loaned him then released him—so not sure Villarreal’s phone call of interest would get through.