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Fran Escribá agrees to another year

Just announced.

Villarreal v Monaco: UEFA Champions League Photo by Manuel Queimadelos Alonso/Getty Images

Villarreal and Fran Escribá have reached agreement that he will coach Villarreal in the 2017-18 season; however, it’s only another one year deal.

Could the lack of a multi-year agreement reflect anything in particular? My guess is Sr. Roig, having had to terminate multi-year contracts early with Garrido and Marcelino, doesn’t wish to get burned again to cancel a contract if performance tanks. Then again, maybe Fran Escribá just wants to become the Walt Alston of Vila-real. (If there are any Dodgers fans reading this blog, you can explain the reference!).

At any rate, congratulations, Sr. Escribá. Our 67 points this season was our second-best ever, and the best for a rookie Villarreal coach. (Pellegrini had 65 in his first season, Garrido 62, and Marcelino 59.) Endavant!!