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Villarreal contracts

When deals expire.

Just so we all have this information as we get ready for ‘silly season’, here are the expiration dates for Villarreal players under contract. (This does not include players under contract with other teams who were loaned to us)

2017: Daniele Bonera, Mariano Barbosa. (also Pablo Iñiguez, on loan to Rayo).

2018: Roberto Soldado, Rodrigo Hernandez (this one is in process of being reworked and extended, may have already been completed), Antonio Rukavina (also Matias Nahuel, on loan to Betis)

2019: Victor Ruiz, Jonathan dos Santos (also Adrián Marin, on loan to Léganes)

2020: Alvaro Gonzalez, Bruno Soriano, Samu Castillejo, Cedric Bakambu (also Akram Afif, on loan to Sporting)

2021: Denis Cheryshev, Jaume Costa, Roberto Soriano, Nicola Sansone (also Cristian Espinosa, on loan to Valladolid)

2022: Sergio Asenjo, Manu Trigueros

2023: Mario Gaspar.

I am sure I have forgotten someone (I always do) so let me know. (But Moi Gomez I didn’t forget; he went to Gijon on a free, is under contract to 2020. We may have a buyback option, I do not know)