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Villarreal look likely to overtake Valencia in TV revenues next year

The main reason being this season’s performance.

Valencian paper Super Deporte has been calculating the likely share-out of TV revenues next year for the various La Liga clubs. Of course, Barca and Real Madrid get the most (around 170 million euros apiece, compared with 140 this season), Atleti are next with €95m and Sevilla with €75m, both up €15m over a year ago.

The shakeup in the table is below that: Villarreal would get €65m versus €45m this year; Athletic Club €61m versus €48m last year; Valencia €60m, versus €54m last year. Real Sociedad would be just below that, at €57m versus €39m a year ago.

So, while everyone would benefit with more money, Villarreal would overtake Valencia and Athletic Club. This is largely because of the way that the ‘sporting results’ category is calculated—Villarreal picks up another year in the top six, while Valencia is not doing so well this season.

Two caveats: (1) as we found out last year, calculating the exact numbers is subject to error since the formulas are so arcane and the amount of money to be shared is complicated to calculate as well; (2) this estimate is based on the league standings finishing as they are now.

Since Villarreal receives most of its revenues from TV as compared to commercial activities or ticket sales, this possible jump in TV money will be welcome.

Last season, Villarreal had a net spend of around €7m in the summer; we sold Pato for €18m in January. So that, plus the extra TV revenues, should mean we will have some funds available to reinvest in the squad. However, there are also clubs interested in some of our players....more about that tomorrow!