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Villarreal Soccer Chats in English are now available!

Good thing, too, since our Villarreal USA podcasts have sort of dropped off due to pressures of life and all....

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Villarreal Soccer Chats, now available!
Allen Dodson

Villarreal has started doing some short podcasts in English, called “Villarreal Soccer Chats”. They’re hosted by two club employees, Lucy Goffe and Juan Antón de Salas. Lucy is originally from Birmingham, England; she writes articles for the official club site in English, and also plays for our women’s side, while Juan Antón is the club’s international marketing manager (I hope I got that title correct), who has done and is doing a great deal to promote and expand the club on social media.

I had the pleasure of meeting both of them last year when I travelled to the UK for the U-21 Premier league Cup Final and our match at Anfield. I also met Maurits de Jong from the Dutch supporters’ group “Los Piratas Amarillos”, and you’ll hear from him on one of the podcasts.

They are all short, 5-10 minutes long, so you can listen to a few at a time and get to know some of the people at the club, including two students who are working as marketing interns this spring (this is something the club has done for a couple of years now, I believe) as well as other English-speaking Villarreal supporters.

They are available on soundcloud, and the link is here. You can sign up to follow the chats (with a soundcloud account) and get notifications of new ones—you can also leave comments via soundcloud. As Lucy and Juan say, it’s a way to get to know a bit ore about the club, the area, and some of the goings on in Villarreal. We do our best to cover them, but they are there, and it’s nice to be connected more directly with the club. Enjoy!